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09/21/2013 10am - 6pm Safe Haven Rescue Zoo “Just Desserts” 2013
Safe Haven Rescue Zoo is an accredited wildlife sanctuary that provides rehabilitative services for indigenous wildlife eligible for reintroduction and lifelong care to abandoned and illegally owned exotics.

Our 160-acre facility is “forever home” to African Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Bobcats, Lynx, African Serval and many more. Founded in northern Nevada in 2006, Safe Haven has continued to respond to the enormous needs of animals victimized by the exotic pet trade.

Come meet our two recently rescued Siberian tigers Gage and Sybre, which were housed together in a recently closed Ohio facility. Gage and Sybre now enjoy their new spacious enclosure with climbing platform, den and pool. And cougar Max, who had been housed in a 10’ x 20’ barn stall in Texas, never seeing the outside for over 10 years. Max loves his new home and can be seen basking in the sunshine.

We are currently raising funds to accept a family of 5 African servals from a private owner in Colorado who is ill and can no longer care for them. Our goal is not to break up this Serval family, but to keep them together. You can help by joining us at “Just Desserts”, Safe Haven T-Shirts, 2013 Wildlife Calendars will be available for purchase. And our not to miss raffle.

Come enjoy dessert tastings, wine, and our Safe Haven 2013 video presentation at our September 21st fundraiser hosted at the Art Source gallery on 9748 So. Virginia (at South Meadows Marketplace to the left of WinCo Foods) in Reno from 1 to 6 pm. A percentage of all purchases will be donated to Safe Haven. Contact Art Source at (775) 828-3525 for more information.

Visitation to Safe Haven is available by appointment. A significant part of our mission is to provide educational and outreach programs to youth groups, adults and schools. Share a day in the life of Safe Haven animals.

Admissions are free – donations are welcome and needed.

Safe Haven Rescue Zoo
P.O. Box 184
Imlay, NV 89418
Ph: 775-538-7093

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